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Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx).


Building Commissioning is an increasingly important component of modern building design. Building codes, such as the ICC, the IGCC, ASHRAE 90.1, USGBC’s LEED design, all are recognizing the importance of Quality Control in achieving the Owner’s Project Requirements. MEP systems for buildings are getting more sophisticated and the construction industry has understood for some time the need to Commission (Cx) MEP systems to better insure they work as designed.

Yet, for many decades, there has been a disconnect within the Architectural trades as to how to effectively construct the exterior envelope of a building so it does not leak air and water, or cause condensation within building walls|roof elements. This has given rise for the need of Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx).

MFH Associates has the knowledge of building science, environmental analysis, and construction industry practices needed to devise, and execute a successful BECx Quality Control Program. We also have the knowledge in modern day ASTM test procedures to make sure contractors follow best practice procedures.

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